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It was not, however, until the sixteenth century that the
three-master became known, and it was also about this
period that the two-decker ship came into use; also, by the
ingenuity of the fighting men, the cannon was introduced to
the sea, and this meant building a heavy platform upon
which these guns might rest, with the result that in a short
tune the two-decker ship was built and generally adopted,

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the top deck bearing the batter}7 or cannon, and the under
deck holding the rowers or oarsmen.

In this chapter it is intended to deal only very lightly
with the origin and types of steamers, and certainly not to
cover any technical points with regard to construction or

From the wood ship developed the composite type of ship,
which consisted of a vessel built of wood on an iron framing.
This in due course gave way to the iron ship, which by
reason of its great solidity is still in existence, a number of
this type of vessel still being classified in Lloyd's Register,